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Combining Renewables

The Uralla region is home to both outstanding wind and solar resources. Also unique to the area, the wind tends to blow most strongly at night, when the sun is not shining.

To take advantage of these resources, Thunderbolt Energy Hub will host approximately 380MW of wind generation and 120MW of solar generation, giving the project the ability to store and dispatch energy to the grid during times of peak demand.

The project’s combination of solar and wind generation extends the overall duration of electricity generation over longer periods of the day and night and over seasonal variations. This means we can deliver a steady, reliable output of power supporting the New South Wales economy.

Cutting-edge technology

The Thunderbolt Energy Hub will utilise premium tier 1 quality solar panels and inverters provided by leading manufacturers. The technology used will be similar to solar panels installed in residential solar photovoltaic installations with the main difference being that panels are mounted on systems that track the sun throughout the day.

Modern turbines are larger and more powerful, so less machines can produce the same amount of energy. This makes construction faster and more efficient with less traffic, road infrastructure and concrete, which is better for local residents and the environment. Modern turbines also have improved aerodynamics and are typically quieter than smaller, older models.

We are working with Umwelt, who are undertaking seasonal ecology surveys over the project’s proposed footprint. The results from these surveys feed into the project’s design process and development application.

Why we need Thunderbolt

Renewable energy projects such as Thunderbolt help reduce electricity
costs and keep the lights on in New South Wales.

Energy to power around 278,000 homes

No greenhouse gas emissions from project generation
Cleaner air